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Our background

When Armand decided to create weréso in 2014, it was partly as a result of his time living in and around Paris, where he had seen commuting times grow to staggering proportions. So, he decided to create a space dedicated to professionals, very small businesses, and teams within large companies. A place where a community could thrive, but without imposing itself on anyone.


What we offer you

Are you looking for offices in shared or private spaces in central Paris? A meeting or conference room? Or a venue for a seminar? A prestigious address to use for your business? You have come to the right place!

weréso® is dedicated to professionals


Offices in shared or private spaces, rooms for meetings and meetups, equally suited for solo work and teamwork, where professionals of all types can welcome, meet, and collaborate with each other. A coworking environment adaptive enough to suit any team’s needs; based on a vision of professional diversity and the merging of talent and expertise. Equipped with a fibre optic Internet connection, a kitchen, private call rooms (with screens for Skype), we guarantee flexible and inviting spaces designed to inspire productivity, encourage creativity, and foster stimulating discussion.

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The team

Héloïse Lecat

Activity: Manager

Profession: Jobber

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Margaux Girard

Activity: Jobber

Profession: Communication & event planning

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weréso® academy,
Meet & share

Marketing, Legal, HR, Web, Organisation—field experts and business leaders join us each Thursday to
interact and share! For those in attendance, it is a time to absorb, to broaden our perspectives, and to discover new personalities.
An opportunity to exchange business cards, certainly, but beyond that,
a real chance to collaborate! Once a week, from 7.15am, we get together at 151 rue Saint-Denis for breakfast followed by a chat from 7.30am to 9.00am!
It’s like they always say; the future belongs to those who get up early!

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A comprehensive service catalogue

WiFi // (fibre optic)

(fibre optic)

Internet-connected // call rooms

call rooms

24 hours/day // 7 days/week

24 hours/day
7 days/week

Mail // sorting

Mail sorting

Our address as your business address

Our address as your business address

Concierge service

Concierge service

Showers for // sporty types!

Showers for
sporty types!

Printing // and office  // supplies

and office



Unlimited coffee, water, and fruit

Unlimited coffee, water, and fruit

No hidden charges

No hidden charges

Food platters  // (seminars, //conferences)

Food platters

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